Log on on the website using your credentials.

Make a new password if prompted to do so!!

How to add new users:

Push ‘Users’, in the top menu, or on the tile marked Users

You will then see a list over all existing users. Only yourselves if it is the first time you are here. Please add all the required users

Push the blue button labeled ‘add users’

This form will appear:

Please fill out all boxes and push the ‘save’ button:

You will then see the list over all authorised users:

From this form you’ll be able to send invitations by pushing the symbol next to the pen. This invitation is vital for establishing and activation of all new users.

New users are activated by responding by clicking the link and setting their own unique passwords.

If needed all user information may be edited by pushing the pen symbol.

There is a import function for several users. Please contact our customer service and we will help ypu out with this.

Users may be deleted/suspended by pushing the delete button Inactive users (deleted) will be kept in a list over suspended users, for easy re-activation.